Easy to Make Grapevine Flower Frog

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Easy to Make Oversized Grapevine Flower Frog

I just couldn’t resist picking up this large bouquet of flowers while at the store. I went in with intensions of purchasing pansies and after looking around and asking the cashier he said they hadn’t came in yet. Just my luck it’s still to cold here and store owners are holding out on ordering, fearing a heavy frost and losing all their stock. I don’t blame them so as I wandered around I spotted these lovelies and they dove right into my cart. Once I got home I looked around for a large vase but came up with nothing so I resorted to using one of my huge glass storage containers. I normally use the containers to mix drinks in when we have parties and place a big dipper inside to dip out drinks, but today it will be a vase.

Spring Flowers

Then I thought to myself, I wish I had a huge flower frog to help support all the stems and keep them in place. Since I didn’t have that I decided to make my own version from grapevine. I trudged outside to the fence row with my trusty garden nippers (the ones that I always keep in my purse) and tugged and pulled the wild grapevine from the trees, cutting off enough to stuff into my glass container.

Grapevine Frog and Flowers

I twisted and twined the grapevine inside the soon to be vase until I had enough criss crossing vine to keep the flower stems in place. Next I filled the container with water and started adding flowers. 

Grapevine Frog and Flowers

It turned out just like I had envisioned, and I love it. A free project is always two thumbs up for me. Come back later this week to see where I placed the vase of flowers, and if you don’t have access to grapevine at your place you can purchase it on rolls at craft stores.




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  1. says

    Garden nippers in your purse – brilliant!!! I am copying that. I’ve been know to pull out my nail clippers to cut a stem somewhere out and about, heh. I also love the grapevine flower frog idea.

    • says

      Barbara, that’s why my purse is so heavy there is everything in there plus the kitchen sink. I am always stopping and cutting something I like that is growing wild.

  2. Penney says

    Gorgeous!! This past autumn was the first time in the nearly 24 years we have lived in this house that it occurred to us to cut the grapevine growing at the back of the yard and use it, lol. Hubby made a couple wreaths as well as some “eyebrows” over 3 windows that we decorated with lights and leaves. I’ll have to keep your clever “frog” in mind for cut flowers this summer :)

    • says

      Thank you Yvonne, it was fun to do and because the stems are nestled into the grapevine I can tip the jug up and dump the water off without loosing the flowers. I have done it everyday this way so I can add fresh water.

  3. Jennifer says

    The only question I have is, “Why the heck didn’t I think of this?”
    Super idea! Will be trying this week.

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