Farmhouse Mason Jar Notepad Printable

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Farmhouse Mason Jar List Keeping Notepad Printable With Free DownloadI’m getting a little creative and artsy today. I have a friend that recently purchased a first time home and while I was over to her place helping her decorate I noticed we kept coming up with things we needed to get but had nothing around to start a list on so I made these Farmhouse Mason Jar note cards for her. 

Farmhouse Mason Jar List Keeping Notepad Printable With Free DownloadThey make for a fun, quick, and inexpensive housewarming gift, especially if you have a THING for Mason Jars or Farmhouse Style. What I did was print them 2 per page (5X7) size and cut them out. I could have cut the sheet of paper in half but I liked the way it looked cut into the jar shape. As a gift I printed on card stock but for myself to use at home I just used regular weight printer paper. Below I have it available in the blue or the traditional clear jar. 

Farmhouse Mason Jar List Keeping Notepad Printable With Free DownloadI picked up a 5X7 clip board and added a fun colored pencil and now she’s all set when an idea comes to mind, or when she needs to remember to pick up an item at the store she can jot it down in style.  I normally make my grocery list on a piece of scrap paper but now I’m going to start using the mason jar notepad. 

Farmhouse Mason Jar Grocery List Printable, and a DIY Clipboard To Keep You Organzied

Blue Mason Jar Printable    |    Mason Jar Printable

Farmhouse Mason Jar List Keeping Notepad Printable With Free Download


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  1. Cheryl Major says

    Those are the cutesiest Dawn. My Daughter Loves them. Thanks !!

  2. Kris Medcroft says

    Very clever, great gift, and I’d want to make extra for myself.

    • says

      Kris I love mine and it makes me happy when I take my list to the grocery store.

  3. says

    The cutest Dawn!…yes, they would make a great gift!

  4. Jen D. says

    Those are so adorable, Dawn. I’m going to print some of the plain ones for myself (to save on ink) but I think my mom and daughter would love some of the blue glass ones. They’re perfect even for sending in the mail as a “thinking of you” gift.

    • says

      Jen I’m like you I saved on ink and went plain for myself.

  5. says

    These are so cute, I shared on my Facebook page and got ‘thank you’s’ from my fans. I guess they liked them too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • says

      Pam thank you for the share it’s greatly appreciated!

  6. Theresa says

    So adorable. I collect mason jars, so I am going to make some for myself. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  7. debbie says

    Adorable and I can’t wait to print some off for me. I have been away from blogging and so miss the creativity. I just fancied up some wine bottle for a birthday party for hubby Saturday night. Wish I could share. I have IG but I still cannot figure out how to get a pic up on it. I NEED HELP ; -) When I grow up, I will figure it out.

    • says

      Debbbie I love to be creative too and IG is a great place to share all your photos. I put stuff on IG that I don’t always share on the blog.

  8. Linda says

    Thank you Dawn, The jars will be great for recipes for a bridle shower, of which I am going to on Saturday. I am going to use one, for measurements convers for my kitchen…….IT’S ENDLESS…….THANKS DAWN!

    • says

      Linda brilliant idea I just love it. I know the bride will too ๐Ÿ™‚

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