Is it a good choice to move my garden

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I have nothing overly exciting to talk about today but I am having a gardening dilemma that I need to talk out in hopes you all have some great advice.

My current vegetable garden has been in its location as long as we’ve lived in the cabin which is approximately 15 years. It’s served me well and kept our panty and freezer stocked all year long. 

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The last three years I’ve struggled trying to figure out why the garden seems to be lacking something. I first tried adding loads of fertilizer, the following year I added organic compost, and this year I throw my hands in the air with the overgrowth of trees choking out the sunlight. 

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I’ve come to the determination it’s time to move my garden in hopes it fixes all the problems.  I need to put it in a location where the trees cant shade it, it needs to start with fresh soil, and I need to have a permanent fence built that keeps the critters out.

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It all seems like a heck of a lot of work but I depend on our garden to keep us fed so I’ve come to the conclusion I just need to put in the hard work and get a new spot established for next year.

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I believe I’ll go with an in ground garden. I added up the dimension of all the raised beds I have now and I’ll need a 20X20 garden plot to have it the same size I’m planting in now.

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I need to kill off the grass now in hopes by next spring I’ll have something to work with. I’ll probably use the heavy black fabric you seen on high tunnel floors to cover the existing grass to kill it off. Now do I keep it in place, burn holes in the fabric and plant directly into the soil or do I pull it all up, rototiller it up and plant in the soil? I have zero experience with garden fabric. 

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I’ve also considered putting in a high tunnel and plating under that for a big portion of my garden. I have so many decisions to make and I want to make the right ones, in hopes I won’t need to change the garden for another 15 years. 

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Please chime in and tell me what you think. If you’ve had experience with landscape fabric and what you think of it. If you’ve planted in a high tunnel or any other helpful advice. I’m all ears.

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Thanks for listening today!

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  1. jane h mckinney says:

    In the article about keeping chickens out of flowers there was a plant beside the wooden barrel it was rounded and peachy green and white in the ground what is it

    1. Jane, I just answered this on the other post, so you should get that reply but it’s a Drapple Willow. The tips of the plant turn pink, so it’s sometimes referred to as the Flaming Plant.

    2. jane h mckinney says:

      I’m assuming it’s a perennial is it a plant or a tree I only found a grapple willow tree

  2. Jane, I just answered this on the other post, so you should get that reply but it’s a Drapple Willow. The tips of the plant turn pink, so it’s sometimes referred to as the Flaming Plant.

  3. Anna M.Wilbur says:

    I use the weed berrier, I absolutely love it, it’s a little pricey to get started. I have the higher quality stuff, I have had mine down for 3 years now, thinking I might try to pull it up at the end of growing season, hopefully salvage it from the weeds.

  4. Patricia Cook says:

    Check out the Whipperwill Hollow blog. They do a lot of gardening, canning and preserving of food. They also have a high tunnel garden. They are Lori and Danny Brown and live in Arkansas. Hope this helps.

  5. I would use the fabric only pre garden to kill the grass this year. Anything solid on the soil, fabric, cardboard, newspaper, traps moisture too much which can breed fungus in the soil which is not good for your plants.

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