Peach and Pear Tree Planting (Part 1)

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Part of the orchard arrived this week. There were 2 Peach trees and One 4-in-1 Pear tree in this batch.
Hubby fired up the bobcat, put the mowing attachment on, and started clearing the area for the new orchard.
 I was so excited to see these tiny peach’s on one Peach tree.  I counted 7 on this tree.
And the other Peach tree still has blossoms on it.
Hubby still mowing….
The Pear tree produces 4 varieties and was loaded with tiny pears, I quit counting at 20. 
 Mowing the final pass.
The planting and the beginning of an orchard. I am very excited to produce our own fresh fruit.  Stay tuned to see how I will keep the deer from eating our orchard.



  1. says

    You are going to have some wonderful fruit! Yum! 🙂

  2. says

    Dawn, how nice to have your own orchard. I have never seen the mowing attachment for a Bobcat. My husband loves playing on one of those.

  3. says

    How nice to get started on this project. I’m sure one of the what I Wore Wednesday will have you in your “Harvest ” outfit!!

  4. says

    How nice to get started on this project. I’m sure one of the what I Wore Wednesday will have you in your “Harvest ” outfit!!

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    Girl, you are going to have fruit this year!!! How exciting! We planted 2 plum trees last year, but they didn’t produce any fruit. I’m hoping to have some this year. I have a small peach tree that bloomed about a month ago. I haven’t checked to see if there are some little peaches on it.

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    how exciting to be planting fruit trees. Spring is just happening here in Newfoundland…no planting yet for us.
    Love the outfits you posted and your hair is growing fast, looks great. Have a great day!

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    I do love your hair too and the gorgeous outfits you wear! Fruit trees? Would love a peach tree in our yard, we had one when I was little and the fruit tasted so good!


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    You just know it’s gonna be good when they arrive ready to produce!


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    Wonderful, exciting news! Oh how I would love to stroll your new orchard with you, and have you come stroll my grove with me!!!!

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    Best of luck- sounds like a wonderful adventure. We’ve had an orchard- and the trees have to be planted in just the right position near each other, etc. AND the deer loved our peach trees and would graze on them at about 10 pm each night.

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    Good luck with your trees! I hope they produce a lot of fruit for ya!

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    Oh Fun! I hope those deer stay far away–can’t wait to see what you do. I just saw in my garden that I have 8 onion plants growing and 5 pea plants that we started from seeds. I really thought that nothing would grow.

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