Fall Farmhouse Mantel

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This week is the start of our new series “Fall into Autumn” where 5 bloggers will bring you a different area of their home decorated for fall. The first area on our list is Mantel’s, have a look around and make sure you head over to see the other blogger’s mantels on the tour today.



Fall Farmhouse Mantel

How about a little Fall Farmhouse Mantel with thrifted items, fresh flowers and produce, and a little junk mixed in? I like to change up my mantel with the seasons but hate to invest in new decor items every time so this years Fall Mantel is a mixture of anything that fit the theme and was on hand. The paining of the cows is a favorite of mine and I never seem to tire of it, plus it’s colors are perfect for a Fall Mantel. I debated on painting something new but decided against it. I think I will have to have some fresh art for a winter theme though.  My Fall bunting is a paper craft project and I will be back later in the week to show you how that was done, I attached it to the old tool box with clothes pins off the line and the rusted metal you see on the face is springs from our old wingback chair. The runner was made from two thrifted napkins that are in perfect condition, and the yellow candlesticks were once blue but with a little spray paint they now fit into the Fall color scheme. I think I always like a project that is thrown together with what is already in my stash better than if I had shopped for items. Maybe I just have to get more creative this way.


Fall Farmhouse Style Mantel

I’m not sure why I always call this my mantel, when it is truly the cabinet where our television is stored. We purchased it at an auction years and years ago, it was formally a storage cabinet in shop class at a local high school.  All I did was give it a coat of off white paint and add new hardware.  It’s a great piece to store quilts on and other vintage finds. I use the vintage laundry cart all over my house, right now it is holding the new 100 year addition blue canning jars, sometimes it has quilts in it, or even vintage linens.  It’s a great versatile piece to have.


Fall Mantel

Don’t think you have to buy new every time you want a new look.  Shop your house and see what you have and make do with it.  I tend to decorate my whole house in the same color scheme so it makes it easy to move pieces from room to room and get a fresh look.  I also hate clutter and don’t want to store a bunch of items so this method always works best for me. Remember to visit the other 4 sites that are showing off their Fall Mantels today.  I hope you see some inspirational ideas that you can incorporate into your own Fall space.



Farmhouse Mantel



Fall Mantel Inspiration

1. Debbie-Doo’s 2. On Sutton Place 3. A Cultivated Nest 4. Creative Cain Cabin 5. Cottage at the Crossroads










    • says

      Manuela, that cow painting is my favorite piece of art, I never get tired of seeing it:) Thanks for dropping by.

      • Denise Z says

        Dawn, I’ve loved your cow painting since I first saw it! Earlier this year, I showed it to a friend and told her I wanted a cow painting for our cabin. Imagine my surprise when she told me she’d FOUND one! The store had a couple of them, so she put one on hold until I could get up there that weekend and see it to be sure it was the right one. And it was–and now it’s mine! Now…if she could just find me your cabin! ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. says

    Dawn, I love how you’ve decorated your mantel! Those cows look perfectly content up there with the sunflowers! I have some of the blue Ball anniversary jars but sadly, they are still in their cardboard carton! Love the way you have yours displayed in that laundry cart!

    • says

      Jane, we use the blue jars as our regular drinking glasses. It makes it easy to just reach in and get one:)

    • says

      Elizabeth, I agree with you they are all things I love.

  2. says

    I do like your use of your home goods.
    It looks so farmhouse-great!

    • says

      Kimberly, thanks for dropping in tonight. I say why buy new when you can create with what you have:) Have a wonderful evening.

  3. says

    Very pretty and colorful!!! Absolutely adore the cows!!!~~Angela

    • says

      Angela, The cows are a favorite of mine too. As soon as I seen them for sale I snatched them right up.

  4. says

    Gorgeous Dawn! You are so clever with that basket of mason jars too. I love it.

    • says

      Thank you Debbie:) May as well get some use out of all those jars:)

    • says

      Thanks for stopping in Martina:) Can you believe we are already decorating for Fall?

  5. says

    HI Dawn! Your mantel is just as cute as it can be! Love everything on it.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • says

      Thank you Shelia, I can’t believe Fall is creeping up on us so quickly:)

  6. says

    I love your faux mantel. Those cows just make me smile. You just want to hug them they have the sweetest faces. I love that you did a farmhouse fall decor mantel. Very different and unique. Love it.

    • says

      Thank you Kris, I love the cows too:) I need to change out the print for winter but will hate to take the girls down.

  7. Kris says

    Hi Dawn. I have been missing my blogging friends. Thanks for your words on my Nana’s passing.

    • says

      Kris, I was so stunned you need to send me a private message and fill me in:(

    • says

      Thanks for stopping in for a look-see Mary:)

  8. says

    I love it all and crazy me, my favorite pieces is the old chair springs. I am not sure what I would do with them, but they are a fun piece for different vignettes.

    • says

      Carol, the dog used to sit in the old wingback and I was tired of it stinking like a dog so I took it outside and burned it, all that were left was the rusty springs and I kept them not knowing what I would do with them. They worked great to hold the bunting up.

  9. says

    This is great, Dawn! Such great color, and I’m a big fan of shopping the house too. Now I’m envious of your cool weather AND your cow ๐Ÿ™‚

    • says

      Andrea, The cow is my favorite too, I knew I had to have it the minute I saw it. Don’t be to envious it is 96 today but dropping back into the 60’s by Thursday.

  10. says

    Oh my gosh…there are so many things about this that I love. The quilts, the blue jars, the enamelware pan hanging. It’s all perfect. I am trying to use what I have this year too…although I usually end up buying something! I can’t seem to help myself when I actually get in a store. Love the cow but can’t wait to see your winter piece. Pinning everywhere!

    • says

      Ann, I need to get thinking on what I will do for winter so far no inspiration has come my way:( LOL Thanks for all the pinning.

  11. says

    Dawn, I just love what you’ve done. It looks fabulous and I always adore your colors.

    • says

      Stacey, Thanks for stopping in it is amazing how much junk I can find around to decorate with.

    • says

      Thanks Denise:) I love my cows and all my junk!

  12. says

    Dawn your display is sooo cute!! I love the cow picture, and the gorgeous jars.


    • says

      Kathy, Thank you so much for stopping in, that cow print seems to be a hit. I adore it too, and I can never have to many blue jars.

  13. Vee says

    Those cows are perfection! I love your use of color and the clever way you have pulled this focal point together. I think that all you gals share a love for bold color.

    • says

      Vee, I think we all love color too. I adore all the white home and white decor, but it just doesn’t fit into my log cabin. Thanks so much for dropping by and taking the time to look around.

  14. says

    Hi Dawn, love the cow painting anchoring this piece. I am all about fall but likely will not get much done in decor this season so am really enjoying yours. xo, olive

    • says

      Olive, The cow paining is my favorite, I call it “the girls”. Our leaves are changing already here so fall is getting near.

  15. says

    I so love all of your thrifted items….I am enjoying all the the wonderful mantels!

    • says

      Thank you Shirley, it is hard to believe Fall is so near.

  16. says

    This is absolutely charming ….love the different colors presented here. So pretty and I don’t have a mantel either…just room dividers and the top of a piano. Use what you have, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • says

      Debra, thanks for having a look-see. I love the look of a mantel without the work of cleaning out a fireplace.

  17. says

    Dawn, first of all, I love the way you use this cabinet as a mantel. My favorite has to be the cow print. I really do have a thing for cows, and secondly, love the little numbers on the tins. Wow! You 5 bloggers sure are a creative bunch! Everyone decorated so completely different. Beautiful to look at each and every one!

    • says

      Sandy, Thank you for stopping by and letting me know you were able to visit all the mantels. Yes, I am in love with the cow print too, for some reason I never get tired of seeing it. Have a wonderful weekend!

  18. says

    I LOVE your “mantel”. I have a feeling you and I would be great friends if we lived close by. I have that same cow picture. I fell in love with it when I first saw it. The colors you are using in your house are pretty similar to what I have. I don’t have an actual mantel, but I have a couple of pieces of furniture that I decorate around, as if they were mantels. I have a thing for sunflowers, too. Color makes me happy. That green chair is fabulous. There are lots of happy colors surrounding your mantel. I like everything in that photo. I love how it gives a nod to Fall without looking like you moved the Fall section of a craft store into your home. Can’t wait to see more of your Fall decorating. PS – I don’t usually gush like this. Especially before finishing my first cup of coffee.

    • says

      Denise, you are so sweet:) I don’t shop the craft store for my decorating, I just grab what I have in the house and use it. I couldn’t afford to drag things home all the time or have the place to store them. Thanks so much for stopping by, glad to hear you have the same cow print. I love it!!

  19. sparky says

    thrifted items or from the crative co op catalogue ?

    • says

      Sparky, All thrifted for flea markets or hospice stores ๐Ÿ™‚ I have no idea what the catalogue is.

  20. says

    Okay, Ladies! All of you who have the cows/”girls” print! Hubby and I both love it, so would SOMEBODY please tell me what stores have this piece?! Please, Please? I have been hunting it since I first saw it, and he happened to be looking over my shoulder and told me that he “loved the cows!”

    I really would like to find it, too, for our kitchen that we are planning to re-decorate soon! Thanks!

    p.s. Love your style, obviously!!!

  21. says

    Thanks so much for letting me know, Dawn! Actually, I get the Antique Farmhouse emails, as well as those from their “sister” site, Decor Steals, and buy from D/S all the time (way too much, & mainly because of their consistent $5 shipping for anything!) I will have to be more faithful about checking BOTH daily! I know things “come back around” regularly … As is obvious, we love that print, and I love ALL your fall decor!

    • says

      Kathleen, I do believe I have seen someone say they found it at Home Goods also, you may want to check there as well.

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