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How to Decorate Around a TV

How To Decorate Around a TV

I’m finally back to share with you how I’m using that IKEA sideboard I purchased awhile back. I’m not one for watching much TV and have always had it tucked away in a cabinet but I decided I was tired of the look and needed something updated. After all, I’ve used the previous piece for 10 years so I think it was time for a change. The first thing I had hubby do was hang the TV on the wall, and next I needed to figure out a way to decorate around it.

How To Decorate Around a TV

Step #1: For me it was all about proportion, I didn’t want the TV to stand out like a sore thumb so I need to have a cohesive theme. I took my jumping off place from the casing around the TV and decided to mimic it with black frames filled with artwork.

How To Decorate Around a TV

Step #2: I didn’t want the wall to look cluttered or hodgepodge (don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with that look, it’s just not what I was going for when decorating this wall). I wanted it to be something I could live with for a while so I chose to make the frames fit in a uniform fashion around the TV.

How To Decorate Around a TV

Step #3: Make sure and purchase all the frames you need at one time. I made the mistake of buying 2 at Hobby Lobby (it’s all they had in stock) only to find out they were a discontinued frame. Luckily hubby braved a horrible snowstorm and searched other HL’s for me until he found another 2 that matched. (What a good guy, right?) Those are the 4 frames I was using on either side of the TV. The 2 frames under the TV needed to be a bit smaller than the first 4 to fit into the plan so I searched my frame stash and found the perfect pair.

How To Decorate Around a TV

Step #4: Find artwork that fits your style and isn’t distracting. This is no time to use busy pieces if you actually want it to come off as an art gallery wall not just a bunch of random things place on a wall. I happened to have fallen in love with a particular artist and also downloaded free art to use in the frames. (I’ll be back later to tell you where to get the artwork and how to get it for free.)

How To Decorate Around a TV

Step #5: Come up with a plan for placement before hammering a bazillion holes in your wall. For me I used painter’s tape, placed the pieces on the floor, looked at the arrangement, finalized what I liked, took measurements, and then transferred it to the wall.

How To Decorate Around a TV

Then came adding pieced to the buffet to fit in with the natural artwork I had going. So back into my décor stash I went and grabbed glass, rocks, pottery, metal, and bloom stems to make it all complete. I’m rather happy with how it turned out and am glad I didn’t hate the TV mounted on the wall after all the work we did.

How to Decorate Around a TV

I have to tell you we watch TV so seldom in this room that when I took the TV out of the enclosed piece I noticed it still had the plastic on it from when we purchased it 6 years ago. That just goes to show you how often we watch the TV or I’m just a horrible housekeeper and never noticed it when I dusted.

I did forget how often a black piece needs to be dusted, it’s the reason I painted my black bar stools a lighter color. So I’m back to dusting the top surface of the buffet every day.


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  1. That is one of the prettiest arrangements I have ever seen. I. Love it.

    1. Thank you Nancy it was hard to only pick 6 pieces to display but I think it works in the space.

  2. Great choice of framed artwork! It’s all so natural looking. love love love

    1. Diane thank you so much I think I finally found an artist I love that fits our home.

  3. Boy I’ll tell you… You got it going on .. As they would say. Lol. You have such good ideas . So inspirational! I love it. What a good husband to go out in a snowstorm..actually mine might too .. Lol! ?

    1. Melissa I guess those frames were meant to be mine, lol. I’m enjoying the new wall I hope it remains something I like for a while.

  4. Great job! Love the frames around the TV. I’m getting ready to do something around my big TV in the den but just haven’t figured out quite what yet. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Have a great week!


    1. Judy it took a while to come up with something I liked so just be patient and you will get a brilliant idea.

  5. Kathleen G says:

    How pretty! I love the artwork and the bottle or jug vase with the branches, lovely! So sweet of your husband braving the storm for you:) Happy Spring Day!
    Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen the trip for the frames was miserable but he found them. What a great guy! Thank you for dropping in today and Happy Spring to you as well.

  6. Black does need dusting, but looks so good with your wood walls, the darker frames and buffet just seems to pull that wall together. Looks really good.

    1. Thank you Joy I guess I will just have to dust more to put up with it’s beauty 🙂

  7. I wish I had a space in our little living room to use your idea. With all the pictures, the TV just blends in.

    1. Carol I was hoping the tv would blend in I didn’t want it to be the feature.

  8. Looks great, Dawn! I particularly love the artwork and the little bird, jug and stems on the credenza. I hope you did something extra nice for that hero hubby.

    I can tell you don’t use the TV often. In my house, the vase and flowering stems couldn’t be in front of the TV at all. I’d surely hear about it right away, especially during March Madness. LOL

    1. Carolyn hubby noticed the stems in front of the tv and I told theme they wern’t in the way since no one watched the tv, lO. Thank you for dropping in today!

  9. Your wall looks so nice, Dawn! You definitely have an eye for decorating style!

    1. Thanks Susan it’s nice when something comes together and I finally feel like this space has a little style.

  10. Both the lamp shade re-do and the TV wall is spectacular. I love the pictures and you hardly notice the TV. Great job as always Dawn. Have a very Happy Easter!

    1. Debbie Happy Easter to you also 🙂 Im glad you like it all and I’m glad the TV doesn’t stand out too much, that’s what I was trying to avoid

  11. Dawn,

    This looks absolutely beautiful! I love all of the details including frames, the dish with shells and the vase with flowers. You should be very proud!!

    Happy Easter!

    1. Anne thank you so much. Im enjoying it for sure. When I walk in the house it looks so natural to me and fits right in to the cabin. Have a wonderful Easter too 🙂

  12. This looks great, Dawn. I am contemplating hanging mine on the wall when I move in a few months. xo Laura

    1. Laura on the wall isn’t my first choice but I was so ready for a change and a new piece of furniture that I went for it.

  13. This looks amazing Dawn….it’s as if the TV has just disappeared and you totally focus on the beautiful artwork and the wonderful table of pretties below!….Perfection!!!

    1. Thank you Shirley that’s the look I was going for. I certainly didn’t want the tv to be the focus.

  14. This is the best idea I’ve seen to decorate around a tv! Love it!

    1. Verna, I still love what I have around my TV it’s just enough artwork to disguise the tv.

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