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Fall Porch From Nature


Easy Fall Porch Decor Using Natural Elements

I had no intentions of starting my fall decorating yet, not because I’m not read for a change but because I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to even think about it. I quickly got in the mood after doing a little tree trimming on our crabapple tree. That darn tree has been a nuisance on more than one occasion with it’s low hanging branches. I’ve about killed myself trying to mow under it and one time I even caught my head on a branch and was ripped right off the mower, so now I’m wiser and when I see low branches I give the tree a hair cut.  

Fall Decorating Using Branches From A Crab Apple Tree

Simple Fall Porch Decorating Using Branches From a Crab Apple TreeRather than toss the branches into the compost bin I decided to salvage a few that had beautiful crimson and yellow clusters of fruit. It took me longer to trim the tree than it did to create this little arrangement, but I’m safe once again from any lawn mower accidents. I know It sure doesn’t feel like fall the last few days here in Michigan. The temps and humidity have been just awful, worse than the peak of summer. I’m certainly ready for a cool down that’s for sure. My favorite season as far as my wardrobe goes is fall, I love all the layers and the warm color tones.  

Simple Fall Porch Decor Using Natural Elements

Decorating With Fall Crabapples

I’ve had a mama and baby deer almost every night standing under the crabapple tree eating the low hanging apples, it’s such a beautiful sight to watch. I guess I need to give them a taste myself, I guess I just assumed they’d be sour but what do I know maybe deer like sour apples. I know they sure are attractive, the tree is just glowing with the stunning colors of the apples. 

Easy Fall Porch Decor Using Natural Elements

Easy Fall Porch Decor Using Natural ElementsThe blue and green pumpkins I started are coming along nicely but so far they look like white baby boos to me. So I may have those to use in my fall decorating this year, but I sure was wanting the beautiful muddy blue and green tones that I planted. There’s no way the wrong seeds were in two different packages. Maybe they just need more time to mature…..I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. Thanks for stopping by today, I’ll be back next with an episode of Talk Till Dawn and after that the exterior shed reveal. 

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  1. Cheryl Major says:

    What a wonderful idea ! Your arrangement is awesome . The colours are so bright and fresh. Have a great week .

    1. Kathy Menold says:

      The crabapple branch arrangement is just beautiful. My friend has one outside her kitchen window and when I was there it was loaded with birds enjoying the fruit. Especially beautiful were the Cedar Waxwings who visited frequently. Must remember to plant one of these trees.

  2. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says:

    Natures gives us a lot of beauty! I love what you did with you crab apple trimmings!

  3. Your arrangements, and that porch, are inspirational as well as beautiful!

    Autumn is my FAVORITE season, but our fall forecaster said last night that our area (St. Louis) will be in summer mode until the first of NOVEMBER. Boo hiss. And dull, if any, color. Boo hiss. Might be time to move, especially if we could find property as gorgeous as yours!

  4. Your porch is awesome!!! We don’t have deer (I live on an Island)…but where I was born & raised…there are lots of deer, moose, and bear. I wanted to write and thank you for writing about blue pumpkins a few months back. Because of your post…I ordered seeds and have the growing in our vegetable garden too! They have flowered…so that is definitely a good sign. We had an extremely wet June…so things are late…but I can’t wait to see if your pumpkins mature. And mine too!

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