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Click Here to Download the “EMOJI POOP PILLOW” Pattern

I know, I know this sounds like a very strange post but there’s a story behind this popular “Poop Emoji”. Now you all know what an Emoji is right? (As described in Oxford Dictionary: A small digital image or icon used to express an idea, emotion, etc., in electronic communication:) I’m sure you use them all the time when you text or post to FB.

I met someone a few years back, it’s actually a friend of my sons, he said to me mom you have to meet Emily you two are like twins and I know you would hit it off. Mind you Emily is 18 years old….I did have the opportunity to work with her in the concession stand at school and we started talking. OMG this kid should have been my daughter, we think alike, and we hit it off like we were long time friends. Of course we exchanged phone numbers, so we could text and stay in touch. Well text is more like it who actually makes a call these days, especially if you’re a teen?

One night after texting I added the emoji {insert smiling poop here} to the end of my sentence. Emily texts back, “Why did you send me a pile of poop?”. OMG I was cracking up, rolling on the floor, tears streaming down my face, as I said to her, “I thought it was a Hershey’s Kiss”. Well that started her rolling on the floor cracking up, she said, “No it’s Poop”.

So after we got over a good laugh it started to be the last thing we texted each other at night. Funny how such a little thing can have such meaning between two people. So in honor of Emily and My Poop Emoji I designed a Poop Pillow Pattern as a Valentine’s gift for her. 

My son said I need to sell them, they would be a hit….all the teens seem to think it’s the cutest thing ever. You can now have your own poop pillow, just click on the link below the photo and download the pattern. It will print off in 4 pages, so you will need to tape the pattern together (I used scrap paper to make the pattern, so when you print if you see some bleed through from something on the other side of the paper don’t think there’s something wrong with your printer) 

Material List:

Click Here to Download the “EMOJI POOP PILLOW” Pattern

1/2 yd. Brown Minky Fabric (or something soft, and fuzzy)

1 – 8X10 Pieces of White Felt

1 – 8X10 Piece of Black Felt

Bag Fiberfill


Sewing machine

Finished Pillow Size is 16X16


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  1. What a funny, funny story!…and I know all about someone that is a friend of your children who could be your daughter situation….That is a too cute pillow….and I must say, that I think it is a great thing for young moms who are trying to potty train their kids!….Back in the day, I know i would buy one so that my son could take it with him to the potty….as “poop” is your friend!
    Love this story and your pillow!!!

    1. Shirley, I had never thought of using it for potty training, brilliant idea.

    1. Carol, she loved the gift and totally understood it 🙂

  2. In fact no matter if someone doesn’t understand then its up to other visitors that
    they will help, so here it happens.

  3. Emily Fulcher says:

    Oh how I love this story , so many fun adventures that I think of often . Lots of the time it was the Hershey kisses hiding in your scarf. Miss you always 💩

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