Continuous Blooms For a Cut Flower Garden

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Cut Flower Arrangement

Every year I pant a few raised garden beds filled with annual flower for a cut flower garden and just yesterday I ordered more seeds. My thoughts are to eliminate the vegetable garden all together this year or making it extremely small. I hate the fight I have keeping the deer out of it, my fishing line fence seems to work the best but I’m not sure I’m up for the challenge. We have so many other outdoor projects happening at the cabin this year I’m not sure I’ll find the time to babysit a veggie garden.

Cut Flower Arrangement

I plant my cut flower garden seeds so tight together there’s not room for weeds to grow, making it maintenance free and the reward is a beautiful display of constant colorful blooms all summer long.

Cut Garden Flower Bouquet

I have my favorites mostly because they never fail me but I did a two new ones this year into the mix, mostly for the color but I’m anxious to see how they do. I always buy from Eden Brothers online, not only do they have a wide variety they sell in bulk, which is how I like to buy flower seeds. I take a handful of each variety, mix them all in a bag, and broadcast them over the soil. No neat rows for me, it’s just a lovely mix of color when it all starts to bloom. 

Best Flower to Plant for A Cut Flower Garden

Many of the seeds I plant come back every year on their own as long as I shake the dead head into the garden bed at the end of the season. There’s nothing better than free seeds, right?

Here’s what I’m planting this year:




Bishops Flower


Zinnia Cactus Mix

Daisy Gloriosa Mix

The new ones to my collection are the Bishops Flower (I thought the garden needed a little white in it) and the Cornflower (just because I love the color). Do you plant a cut flower garden and if so tell me your favorite tried and true blooms.






  1. Kathleen G says

    Happy Easter Dawn and family!
    We use to plant flowers and some veggies here, looking at some backyard pics the other day. Important to plant where you live too. So I enjoy looking at bloggers landscapes where they live. Understand about the veggie garden and who doesn’t love a wildflower look!
    Enjoy this Blessed day, Kathleen in Az

    • says

      Kathleen I so adore a beautifully landscaped yard and a weed free garden but I just don’t have thet time for it so simple is what works best for me. Now I need to get the raised garden beds all planned out before I randmly start placing things together that don’t work.

  2. says

    Dawn, I’m so glad you shared this! I was thinking the same thing, turning the majority of my veggie garden into a cutting flower garden. Your tips are really helpful. I never thought to mix them in a bag first and will try that. I love zinnias and they seem to last a long time after cutting. I’ll try some of the flowers you noted, too. My grandmother used to have a beautiful cutting garden of mum varieties. She always had fresh flowers in her home that she arranged. Thanks again for your tips!

    • says

      Jennifer I always love fresh flowers and I grow what’s easy and continues to bloom. Im not one for having to babysit plants. Either grow or I pluck you out, LOL>

  3. Sara says

    Would share the name of the seed company you use?

    • says

      Eden Brothers Sara, there’s a clickable link in the post if you want to use it.

  4. says

    Can’t wait for more flower cuttings and projects!

    • says

      Shirley I need to till the spots in the next few weeks and get my plan in order. Less veggies and more flowers this year 🙂

  5. Georgia says

    When do you sow your flower seeds? In the fall or spring? If you sow in the spring, do you wait til last frost? Your flowers are beautiful. You said that you grow them closely together to keep out weeds. Do you hand sow the seeds? Thank you for your helpful tips.

    • says

      Georgia yes I plant heavily leaving no space, just scatter the seeds by hand in the spring.

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